Betta fish plants

Adding live plants to your betta fish tank can not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a healthier and more balanced ecosystem. Here are ten popular live plants that are well-suited for betta fish tanks

Java Fern

Known for its long, thick leaves and low maintenance, java fern is a popular choice among aquarium hobbyists. It can be attached to rocks or driftwood and reproduces through rhizome division or by producing plantlets on its leaves.


Another rhizome plant, anubias comes in various shapes and sizes and can be attached to hardscape or planted in the substrate. It’s important not to bury the rhizome, as it may lead to the plant’s death.

Marimo Moss Ball

These unique algae balls are easy to care for and require minimal lighting. Simply drop them into the tank, and they’ll add a touch of greenery.

Cryptocoryne Crypts

are known for their undemanding care and ability to thrive in various light conditions. They prefer to consume nutrients from the substrate and may experience “crypt melt” when introduced to a new environment.

Water Sprite

This versatile stem plant can be planted in the substrate or left to float. It’s fast-growing and helps absorb toxins from fish waste.

Betta Bulb

Often sold as Aponogeton plants, these bulbs produce long, light green leaves and may also include banana plants or dwarf aquarium lilies.

Sword Plant

Ideal for larger aquariums, sword plants like Amazon swords provide hiding spots and require nutrient-rich substrate or root tabs for optimal growth.


Also known as val, this grass-like plant is hardy and spreads quickly through the aquarium with new runners.

Pogostemon stellatus ‘Octopus’

This unique stem plant features long, wispy leaves reminiscent of octopus legs and can quickly fill the background of your tank.

Floating Plants

Amazon frogbit, red root floaters, and floating stem plants are excellent choices to enhance the upper layers of the tank while providing cover and shelter for your betta.

When adding live plants to your betta tank, ensure they are compatible with your tank size, lighting, and water parameters. Regularly trim and maintain the plants to prevent overgrowth and maintain a healthy environment for your fish.